Personal Reflections on the DC Naval Yard


Tomorrow, is an anniversary for me.  Not a day to celebrate.  But a day to reflect nonetheless.
It’s the day that, 17 years ago, Jillian Robbins, came onto the Penn State campus in State College and opened fire.
For more than a decade to follow, I was unable to move forward from what happened that day.  It took that long for the healing to begin, and for me to find the strength and courage to move on.
Before February of this year, I would have run and hid when the news told the stories of something like what happened today at the DC Naval Yard.  A funny thing happened, that I never thought would, I finally came to a point where I could actually start writing about what happened almost 17 years ago; and where I have come since.
The next step in my book writing is to go back to Centre County and look up the court transcripts from the case, and then request an interview with Jillian.
Today, I mourn 13 people who didn’t need to die. A senseless tragedy that could have been avoided, and should have been avoided.

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