One Of My Turns…


Today, takes me back a long while. When I was growing up, my aunt was my refuge from the dysfunctions of home. She lived just a few doors down, so I could run down there when I needed to escape the toxic atmosphere of home.

Now, if you go back, way back, in our family’s history, my aunt, was more like a grandmother, just not on paper. When my father (and his brothers and sisters) were young, their parents passed, and my aunt and her husband took them in.

Without knowing the full story, I always knew that my aunt, was more than my aunt.

When I first learned about WRAP®, I recognized that her birthday was always the beginning of a period that I could feel one of my turns coming on.

Over the years I tended to expect the worst, and hope for the best, and usually I was pleasantly surprised that the day went better than I could have imagined.

This year, I wasn’t sure what to expect, since a new dimension was added to this day.

A year ago, my brother passed. It wasn’t expected. And in many ways our relationship was complex; including the fact that he was always in denial about how our family was functioning, until after my father died.

So, in many ways, today is a new twist on the old theme. What’s old is new again. The good news, if you can say good; is that in many ways, I’ve been preparing myself for today for the last six weeks; when his birthday fell. And there was enough time between his birthday, my sister’s birthday (a month later), and today to lessen the blow, ever so slightly.

So here’s to the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky…

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