Before Columbine


The names of the towns are those who most will remember as soon as they hear them. Newtown, Blacksburg, Nickle Mines, Littleton, State College.
Wait, State College?!?!?!
In the hours following the shooting at Newtown, CT, Michael Moore tweeted the following on the shooting. “Ooooh. Some men didn’t like that last tweet. So let me give u another:When’s the last time u saw a woman walk in & spray a place w/ bullets?”
This is the story of the answer to Mr. Moore’s question, which I tweeted back to him “Jillian Robbins, Penn State, September 17, 1996”
This book is probably something like you’ve never read before, a unique mix of biography, history and self-help.
A story of hope; that someone who has survived a mass shooting, can come back from the invisible wounds of trauma that others may not see.
In time, B.C. refers to the watershed moment, the birth of Christ, when referring to history of mass violence in America, the watershed moment has been Columbine.
This is the story of what was referred to at the time as one of the worst college shootings since the massacre at Kent State University (which left four people dead, and wounding nine others); a year and a half before Columbine.
This is the story of how someone I never saw before the fateful day of September 17, 1996 affected my life, and the lives of others, more than anyone could have.