CyberLink Director Suite 365

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Director Suite 365 – Complete Video & Photo Editing is a complete set of video and photo editing software which makes it quick and easy to make videos and photographs for your web site. Director Suite 365 includes NEW AudioDirector 10 – Audio Editing & Repair for Videos, NEW CyberLink ColorDirector 8 – Superior Color Grading for Videos, PhotoDirector 11 Ultra – Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners, PowerDirector 365 (US) – The Best Video Editing Software of 2019 , and the complete collections of plug-ins, music, special effects, filters, creative design packages, and more.

The best part about Director Suite 365, is that it is constantly updated to the newest full-featured applications for the life of your subscription to ensure that you have all of the latest tools and add-ons to make your web site’s creative dreams a reality.

First, Director Suite is powered by an easy to use Application Manager to keep your programs and add-ons up to date with notifications when new versions of the suite and packs of plug-ins, and add-ons are available.

AudioDirector includes artificial intelligent wind removal, punch and roll recording, restoration adjustment tools, multi-channel recording, and batch processing to edit and fix a wide-variety of common audio problems.

ColorDirector provides color correction and grading features to match colors taken from multiple devices, control color highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, and many other special effects to make your videos pop.

PhotoDirector provides a complete image editing, and optimization, plus it includes a multitude of artificial intelligent tools to deblur and style your photographs into works of art. PhotoDirector also includes powerful facial recognition features, and can take videos and create multiple exposure, motion still, and group photographs (How many times have you taken multiple group photos to try to sift through to find one photo that everyone was looking at the camera, smiling, and wasn’t blinking at the exact moment the photograph was being snapped? With PhotoDirector, it’s as simple as taking a short video clip, and taking the best face from everyone in the video, and voilà, one group photograph that has everyone putting their best face forward.)

PowerDirector is a powerful video editor for anyone who is trying to share their videos, whether by YouTube, Instagram, or their web site, blog or vlog. Powerful motion graphics and titles, green screen features, powerful transitions, motion tracking to ensure that your videos clearly present live motion, and much more.

Director Suite 365 includes plenty of videos, tutorials and resources to assist you with getting the most out of the applications in Director Suite 365, without the long learning curve that a lot of tools take to learn.

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