Building Activity Into Your Life

With our hectic lives, it can be hard to find a little bit of extra time into our schedules.

First, you have work, that eats away a third of the day, the average commute time in the U.S. is 26 minutes, so 52 minutes on average daily for commuting to and from work (and in some cities, the commute can be twice that). Sleep takes yet another third of the day. Then when you add family and community commitments, time to decompress from the day, and everything else, there is only a fraction of the day that could be free.

So, it’s important to find ways to build a little extra activity into your already busy schedule.

  • Track it. Most phones include built in exercise tracking, with Google Fit and Apple Health available for most android or apple phones. And there are a multitude of fitness trackers which can track your daily calorie expenditure.
  • Remember that every step counts. The more times that you can build a few minutes of activity into your day, the better.
  • Buddy up. Bring a friend along to keep you committed to the process, and to stay accountable.
  • Do it for yourself. Be your own motivation to be more active. Do it to improve your life, and your health.
  • Celebrate. Keep rewarding yourself for every victory that’s a part of the process.
  • Mix it up. Choose a different path, every now and then. Keep switching things up. Remember variety is the spice of life.
  • Choose when you want to exercise. Morning exercise can boost your metabolism for the day ahead. Midday exercise can re-energize you for the rest of the day. Evening exercise can help you to release tension from the day, and sleep better.
Joseph Alex Martin is a Copeland Center-certified Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Advanced Level Co-Facilitator. Joseph began utilizing his own WRAP in 2008 following his certification as a Peer Support Specialist. Joseph was a Certified Peer Support Specialist in Pennsylvania for 9 1/2 years, and is now living in New Jersey and working in New York. In his role as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Joseph supports the recovery of his peers in their plans to take action to recover wellness in their lives.