Unified Business Communications Systems With VirtualPBX

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Are you looking for a way to combine phone, electronic facsimile, and teleconference services into one convenient package?

VirtualPBX has unified communications services designed for small businesses, up to large enterprises.

VirtualPBX is easy to set up, fully configurable, and an expandable enterprise communications service, which you can set up in minutes. And if you need any assistance, they have an excellent technical support team dedicated to help you to get things ready.

VirtualPBX allows you to create a customizable auto attendant menu, which is configured to work with your business’ hours.

Especially in this time of remote work, creating a versatile communications framework for your business which can provide the flexibility to be utilized from anywhere in the world is vitally important. VirtualPBX supports adding a soft phone to your cell phone, to keep you connected to your business phone calls, as well as a number of other phone device options.

VirtualPBX allows you to receive facsimiles directly to your email from either a dedicated facsimile phone number, or a facsimile extension. Similarly, you can create a conference bridge to host conference calls, and set up so that any users who need to host a conference call have their own personal meeting rooms on the conference bridge.

VirtualPBX allows you to customize your setup to your personal needs for your business.

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