Author: Joseph Martin

Joseph Alex Martin is a Copeland Center-certified Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Advanced Level Co-Facilitator. Joseph began utilizing his own WRAP in 2008 following his certification as a Peer Support Specialist. Joseph was a Certified Peer Support Specialist in Pennsylvania for 9 1/2 years, and is now living in New Jersey and working in New York. In his role as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Joseph supports the recovery of his peers in their plans to take action to recover wellness in their lives.

15 Tips To Improve Your Time Management Skills

Do you remember that one time you ran late to deliver that big project and you were hard on yourself? Well, it happens, as it’s part of growth. These tips could help you optimize your time so you never have to lag on any task.

It all goes down to focusing on the most important things. You might be tempted to go watch that cat video while you’re halfway on your project, and that could cost you. Instead, make a reward system where you give yourself a treat after completing a major milestone.

Next, break down your big tasks into smaller ones. This is crucial in keeping track of your progress. While working, the focus is also crucial. Ensure your workspace is clean and tidy, your phone is not buzzing with notifications, and you’ve got enough healthy snacks and plenty of water to keep you recharged throughout your breaks.

Bottom line, if your personal life is organized, your professional life will be easy. Stay focused, don’t overthink, and get things done.

You Need Three Hobbies To Enjoy Success

To be truly happy and satisfied, you need 3 major hobbies that must be real to you. Here are the main three classifications of hobbies to enjoy success;

  1. A creative hobby- Everything you can imagine can be real, and creativity allows for the transition from dream to reality to take place.
  2. A body fitness hobby- Have a hobby that helps keep your body in shape and well maintained.
  3. A financial gain hobby- Gain and master a hobby that is primarily to make you money. It builds on your financial position and still serves to gratify what you enjoy.

There is so much more to life than work and a hobby is one that helps take your mind away from the stress and reduce tension.

Six Secrets To Master Time Management

We all know that one person that seems to have it all figured out, right? Chances are, these are the easy steps they apply to their daily routine which makes them efficient.

  1. Focus: Prioritize the most important and urgent tasks Commit your undivided attention to their completion.
  2. Be Effective: Perfection could be a good thing, but also a trap to indecisiveness. Take action, learn from your mistakes, and improve along the way.
  3. Declutter: The lesser distractions you have, the more productive you become. Similarly, your life becomes less complicated which is good for your mental health.
  4. Stay Organized: In every aspect of your life, be orderly. Keep your affairs in check and your mind systematized. This will help you remain clear-headed.
  5. Get the work done: This might be challenging at first, but as you keep practicing, you improve on your speed and efficiency.
  6. Plan: It comes without saying that having a good plan sets you up for success. So spare time before the start of a day or at the beginning to state your objectives.

Down the line, it’s all about being organized. It’s easier to keep tabs on different projects, track progress, and keep an eye on opportunities.

Steve Jobs’ Top 10 Rules For Success

Steve Jobs was a trail blazer that most look up to when defining success. Below are some of his top 10 rules for success;

  1. Live a carefree life- It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. That stops being a career but a hobby that you get paid to perform. Be your own boss.
  2. Possess spirit- The worst thing you can do to yourself is lose your spirit. Your focus and determination to succeed walks away with your lost spirit.
  3. Create for yourself- It’s all about you. Never perform anything to please people, you will fail.
  4. Don’t produce rubbish- Focus on creating invaluable products, it’s how you stay ahead of competition.
  5. Form a reliable team- It’s literally true that you succeed best and quickest when you help others and while others help you. Form a team who add value to you and build an unbreakable bond with them as you grow together.
  6. Don’t dream of just money- There’s so much beyond gaining financial freedom, aim to attain peace of mind, dream of eternal happiness.
  7. Take pride in your creations- Give yourself a pat in the back at the successful completion of a creation. Don’t be afraid to hoot your own horn and be your own cheerleader.
  8. Evolve around audience- If you want to succeed, you will need your audience to view you as reliable, dependable, respectful and open. Build trust around your audience for you to succeed.
  9. Commerce is about quality- Quality is what sets aside success from failure. Everyone will always go for quality no matter how outrageous the pricing may be.
  10. Remain passionate- Never lose your passion. Stay positive and work hard to achieve your goals.

Optimize Your Focus To Get Things Done Through These Six Tips

Have you once found yourself being a thinker more than a doer? That’s great because it’s important to keep track of such patterns. But how do you regain your focus and get things done?

First, make sure you’re keeping track of your goals. It could be by the means of a calendar checklist where you mark every day or simply use an app.

As you get to work, make use of a timer to keep track of your tasks. Whenever you find yourself slacking behind, determine the reason why then find a means to resolve the issue. It could be procrastinating the task but prolifically. This could be through decluttering your workspace or by catching some air.

Lastly, once you complete your day’s 3 objectives earlier, you can opt to create another list of three and get it done. This can only be achieved through focus and less distraction.

This way, you move ahead of your schedule and start truly working in the ‘future’, like what the elite entrepreneurs do.

Ten Effortless Ways You Can Be More Productive At Work

Productivity is less about how you do things but how more on how you run your mind. Listed below are 10 effortless ways to increase your productivity at work;

  • Plan ahead- It wasn’t raining when the ark was being built- Always plan ahead.
  • Use Post-It-Notes- Always have a checklist. It’s gratifying to tick completed tasks off and encourages you to do more.
  • Acquire a reliable, good light- Ensure you have a proper source of light. It is proven to help increase focus.
  • Have a comfortable chair- A great chair enhances your focus due to your balanced state of body at the time.
  • Incorporate vivid colour- Always try being colourful. It helps train your brain to have a positive attitude when working.
  • Use noise cancelling headphones- Noise reduces our focus and that was the mother cause for library silence. Try eliminating uncontrolled noise activity with a set of noise cancelling headsets to enhance productivity.
  • Double up- Try to do better than others and yourself.
  • Try and sit by a window- Windows cause less strain on the eye enhancing our focus and therefore maximizing productivity.
  • Keep your desk tidy and decluttered- A tidy space reduces distractions that cause reduced productivity. Clean up before and after working.
  • Have an inspiring pin board to look at- Checking inspirational pins every now and then easily encourages you to keep going hence enhancing your productivity.


A Successful Person’s Weekend Pastimes

Weekends are usually perceived as holidays, legs up, remote in hand and pillow to the side. This is what differentiates a successful person from others. Successful people are able to relax during weekends but at the same time be productive and ensure growth. Below is what a successful person’s weekend is structured;

  • Reading for leisure- While some turn on their TV’s prepping for the weekend’s binge show, successful people run to the book store to pick their weekends read as leisure.
  • Spending time with family and spreading Love-This is part of their weekend plan as it nourishes the mind and heart and offer positivity that is crucial to success.
  • Exercising- They ensure to stick to their daily exercise routine to ensure a strong body and good lifestyle.
  • Pursuing hobbies and living multidimensional lives- Successful people pursue their hobbies and interests and allows them to achieve peace of mind and reduce stress that may arise from every day work.
  • Eating pleasantly- Successful people treat themselves to nice meals as a reward for all the work they have put in and this encourages them to keep going for the coming week.
  • Going to sleep early to ensure relaxation and prevent stress- They use their time to get enough rest to refresh their minds, relax and stay away from stress.
  • Learning brand new things- Successful people understand that acquisition of wisdom is an everyday affair and strive to gain information and skills during their weekends.
  • Spending time outdoors- They purpose to appreciate nature, breathe in clean air and view the sunset to offer them piece of mind.

Make it a routine to make your weekends productive and not about partying and Netflixing. Mark your path of success by acting like one.

Prioritizing Is Easier With The Eisenhower Matrix

Most likely, you’re encountering the Eisenhower Matrix for the first time, right? Well, in simple terms, it’s a framework designed to help you categorize your tasks in terms of urgency and importance,

To begin with, Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th president of the US who came up with this concept. As a way to determine the tasks to set his mind upon, he came up with these four quadrants aimed to categorize tasks depending on their importance.

To further understand the listing in the box, this theory derives from the notion that a task could be urgent and important or important but not urgent. Another task could be urgent but not important, or entirely not urgent and not important at all.

For the tasks that are urgent and important, they include emergencies or crucial deadlines. If you have the power to work on an important task before it ends up being urgent, do it. It could be a deadline. In case it is unprecedented, deal with it right away.

Next, it could be important but not urgent. This is where Peak performance people are categorized, and it’s the place you want to be.

Next goes urgent but not important. It could be scheduling a call with a loved one, or taking your dog for a walk. If you have other important things in line, these could wait.

Lastly, here goes those YouTube cat videos and Instagram feeds. Spare them for only your free time.

How To Work Efficiently

Efficiency is intelligent laziness that gets things done. Below, we help you discover how to work efficiently;

  • Don’t give up- Yes it can be difficult to tackle something and frustratingly doesn’t prosper, but always persevere and try again until it works.
  • Go with the flow for the first 15 minutes- Force nothing for the first few minutes, let your activity carry you along with hopes for the best. That is how you build focus.
  • Track time- If it takes more than 15 minutes to work out, stop and rethink then try again.
  • Write precise and clear cut 140 character emails to ensure efficient communication.
  • Surround yourself with bright lights and adjust them to a higher lux as it may increase your productivity by 8%.
  • Keep a tidy desk- A neat working environment reduces the distractions around you.
  • Maintain a focused mind- Try be in the moment and avoid having your mind wonder off. It is proven that an average human has over 70000 thoughts in a day.
  • Listen to music- Music enables our focus as it reduces other distractions caused by uncontrolled activity.
  • Write your draft in the first 15 minutes- Don’t be afraid to have it written badly, because in those 15 minutes, your true and passionate writing prevails and can be edited later grammatically.

Try do work better than it has been done before- That’s efficiency.

Time Tracker

Looking for the easiest and most effective method to significantly improve your time management skills? This Time Tracker will get you from the most basic level to an advanced level within a month.

In simple terms, you are diving your time into your schoolwork or job hours and the time you spend on your side. If you’re doing this for the first time, you might want to brace yourself for disappointment as the majority of people don’t have a clue of two things.

First, the abundance of the extra time they have throughout their day, and second, the amount of time they waste on the trivial stuff.

Once you adhere to this checklist and start saving more time, ensure you channel this extra time to resourceful things. You can also consider sharing this with someone who might find it useful.