First Responder Training Systems provides human services and public safety system transformation trainings in communities which experienced a recent crisis situation.

First Responder Training Systems focuses on providing trainings for:

  • Mental Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance
  • Medical
  • Veterans
  • Educational Systems

First Responder Training Systems grows from Joseph Alex Martin’s personal experience of being a student at Pennsylvania State University during the September 17, 1996 shooting at the Hetzel Union Building. The goal of First Responder Training Systems is to train community teams in mental health, emergency management, police, fire, ambulance, medical, veterans and educational systems in how to utilize the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® in their own lives to improve their personal wellness following the community crisis situation, develop plans to collaborate between participating stakeholders and to develop co-facilitation teams to implement Wellness Recovery Action Plan® trainings within their communities.

The First Responder Training Systems program includes a three-day Wellness Recovery Action Plan® curriculum, a two-day brainstorming session among participating stakeholders to develop plans how each stakeholder can collaborate to improve implementation of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® among their community, and a five-day Wellness Recovery Action Plan® co-facilitation training.